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Daily life health tips

Nowadays, people are busy every day, without a little time for ourselves, our body slowly breaks away and damages our health. Here are some tips on health preservation and health care in life, hoping to help everyone!

1. [Healthy and delicious snacks] 1. Sunflower seeds-beauty; 2. Peanuts-can prevent skin diseases; 3. Walnut-can Xiu Jia; 4. Jujube-prevention of scurvy; 5. Cheese-solid teeth; 6. Figs-promote blood circulation; 7. Pumpkin seeds and pistachios-brain strengthening; 8. Milk candy-emollient; 9. Raisins-blood tonic 10. Sesame paste-Ufa; 11. Chocolate-Yiqing; 12. Mint Sugar-Soothing Throat 13. Citrus-Rich in Vitamin C.
2. [Health after meal] ①Eat too greasy, drink a cup of celery juice; ②Drink some yogurt after hot pot to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa; ③Indigestion, drink barley tea or orange peel water after meals; ④After eating instant noodles Eat fruit to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals; ⑤Drink ginger and brown sugar water after eating crabs to dispel cold and warm the stomach, promote digestion, and relieve stomach discomfort; ⑥Eating a persimmon after a meal can moisturize the lungs, nourish body fluid, nourish yin and clear dryness.

3, [Chinese medicine says goji berries keep in good health] eating goji berries can "firm your muscles and bones and resist cold and heat." It is a nourishing and anti-aging medicine. Many people don't know that eating wolfberry can be used for beauty. This is because wolfberry can improve the skin's ability to absorb oxygen, and also has a whitening effect. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Goji berry, nourish the kidney and produce essence, nourish the liver, improve eyesight, strengthen the essence and bones, reduce fatigue, easy to color, whiten, improve eyesight and soothe the nerves, and make people live long."
4. [Summer health food tofu] Tofu is rich in protein, and tofu protein is a complete protein. It not only contains eight essential amino acids, but also the ratio is close to human body needs. It has high nutritional value; it can reduce blood lipids and protect blood vessels. The role of cells to prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, tofu is also very good for post-ill care, weight loss, and delicate skin.

5. [Health and Color] "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" is based on the Five Elements theory, centering on the five internal organs of the human body, and the five colors match the five internal organs, namely green, red, yellow, white and black. Red governs the heart, green governs the liver, yellow governs the spleen, white governs the lungs, and black governs the kidneys. Generally speaking, eat more greens (broccoli, cucumber, etc.) in spring, red (carrots, tomatoes) in summer, white (white radish, white fungus) in autumn, black (kelp, black sesame) in winter, and four seasons. Yellow (pumpkin, plant seeds).
6. [Life Tips]Ten best ways to keep healthy in summer: 1. The best condiment: vinegar; 2. The best vegetable: bitter dishes; 3. The best soup: tomato soup; 4. The best meat: Duck; 5. The best drink: hot tea; 6. The best nutrient: Vitamin E; 7. The best exercise: swimming; 8. The best service color: red; 10. The best health care measures: wake up time.

7. [Try "boiled fruits" in winter health regimen] ①Apples: Steamed apples have antidiarrheal effects. ②Pear: The steamed pear has the effects of clearing heat and moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. ③Jujube: Steamed jujube is easier to digest than raw jujube. ④ Hawthorn: Steamed hawthorn does not hurt the spleen and stomach. ⑤Grapefruit peel: It is made into tea with honey, which has the functions of digestion, phlegm removal, hangover, and beauty.

8. [The best way to exercise] Walking exercise is simple and easy, especially suitable for the fitness and health of the middle-aged and infirm. Walking can enhance the function of the cardiovascular system and help the recovery of myocardial infarction and stroke. The correct way to walk is: hold your chest up and take a big step; your arms swing with the rhythm of your steps and synchronize with your breathing rhythm. 1 or 2 times a day, 30 to 60 minutes each time, 5 times a week. It is advisable to sweat slightly, and stick to it for 3 to 5 weeks to see results.
9. [What to drink for breakfast?] 1. Soy milk: suitable for those who are afraid of obesity, high blood sugar or anemia; 2. Pure milk: suitable for most people, but it needs to be served with staple food, and nuts are also good;
3. Breakfast milk: suitable for people with lactose intolerance and those who need to create a feeling of fullness; 4. Congee: suitable for people who need to nourish the stomach, millet porridge and yam porridge are both warm and nourishing; 5. Fruit and vegetable juice: suitable for Those who need to cleanse the intestines and detoxify.
10. Tips for health preservation in summer: Five to three should not be 1 to maintain a happy mood 2 to combine movement and static. 3 to pay attention to dietary hygiene 4 to try to remove heat more. 5 It is especially necessary to eat some bitter foods properly in summer. 6 It is not advisable to replace boiled water with beverages 7 It is not advisable to sleep on masonry ground 8 It is not advisable to "quick cooling".

11. [Take an inventory of the wonderful foods that keep you from getting sick, do you like to eat them?] Food not only has the effect of filling hunger, but also has the effect of health preservation and health care. Different foods have different health benefits. TCM diet emphasizes balance. You may wish to eat more of the following 10 foods to keep you healthy and less sick. 1. Berry fruits 2. Dairy products 3. Fat fish 4. Vegetable food 5. Whole grain food 6. Sweet potatoes

Seven, tomatoes...
12. [Six things you need to do after getting up in the morning] 1. Stretch your waist; 2. Yawn; 3. Breathe deeply; 4. Look far away; 5. Drink warm water; 6. Clean stool. Move joints, eliminate exhaust gas, enhance lung capacity, exercise and protect eyesight, cleanse the intestines, detoxify, stimulate gastric juice secretion and protect teeth, and improve central nervous system function.

13. [Simple health regimen] 1. Eat a banana after barbecue 2. Drink some yogurt after eating hot pot 3. Drink barley tea or orange peel water after meal 4. Eat fruit after eating instant noodles 5. After eating crab, drink ginger brown sugar water 6. Moisten the lungs and relieve cough, eat a persimmon after a meal. 7. Eat too greasy and drink a glass of celery juice.

14. [Office Health Secrets] 1. Pharyngeal saliva can moisturize the five internal organs and nourish the skin; 2. Stand on tiptoe to prevent poor blood return from lower limbs. 3. Turn the neck to refresh and prevent cervical spine diseases; 4. Open the mouth to maximize the opening and closing, drive facial muscles movement, accelerate blood circulation; 5. Look far to reduce eye fatigue; 6. Make a fist to enhance the function of internal organs; 7. Rub the nose to enhance blood circulation Circulate, moisturize the lungs and prevent colds.

15. 6 ways to make you fall asleep quickly: 1. Take a bath before going to bed to relax your body; 2. Keep your mood stable before going to bed and don`t think about it; 3. You can drink a cup of warm milk; 4. Before going to bed 1. Stay away from the computer and TV when you are young; 5. Please put your worries aside for a while and don`t think about it; 6. Breathe deeply, keep quiet, concentrate your mind, and fall asleep as soon as possible. Sleep is the first element of health preservation, stay up late!
16. "The Secrets of Health Preservation" is healthy and commonplace: life must be regular, early to bed and early to get up; exercise to strengthen the muscles and bones, vomiting and invigorating the lungs; eating 80% full, light and soothing stomach and intestines; three sloppy meals Eat, quit smoking and drinking in moderation; be calm and tolerant, accumulate energy and prevent strain; make friends and appeal to the intestines, be kind and live a healthy life; sadness promotes old age, optimistic and prosperous life; see a doctor early when you have a disease, prevent all diseases; you always insist, Health care is frequent; exercise diligently throughout the seasons, wish you good health
17. [Health-preserving small actions] 1. Looking far away: reducing eye fatigue; 2. Opening the mouth: opening and closing the mouth to the maximum extent, driving facial muscles movement, and accelerating blood circulation; 3. Turning the neck can not only refresh and prevent cervical disease; Making a fist can enhance the function of internal organs and double your physical strength; 5. Rub the nose: enhance local blood circulation, moisturize the lungs, and prevent colds. 6. Pharyngeal saliva, can moisturize the five internal organs, nourish the skin, and live a long life; 7. Tiptoe: Prevent poor blood return from the lower limbs.
18. [Daily health care must pay attention to these] 1. Eat fruit as a meal, easy to anemia 2. Eat tofu, preferably with kelp 3. Grapefruit perfume makes women feel 6 years younger 4. The fruit in the morning is golden 5. The elderly and children All need to eat snacks. 6. Contraindications when taking traditional Chinese medicine: shallots, garlic, pepper, lamb, dog meat, tea, radish, fish 7. Often looking in the mirror is good for health 8. Don`t smoke when drinking coffee
19. Winter health reminder: don`t get up too early for exercise, don`t take a bath every day in cold winter, soak your feet in warm water and sleep well at night. If you don`t eat breakfast, your stomach will not be able to stand it. Eat some mutton soup to warm your body and be good. Wish you a happy and happy winter!

20. Winter health care: You need to add appropriate clothing to keep warm from the cold. It is important to keep fit every day, prevent illness and pain, drink more boiled water to replenish your needs, maintain good energy, open windows for good ventilation, reduce hard and cold food, and fall asleep earlier at night!

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