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How to distinguish infrared physiotherapy bulbs ?

How to distinguish infrared physiotherapy bulbs ?

1. Visibility

Infrared physiotherapy bulbs have a longer wavelength than red light and are invisible; the actual infrared bulbs are brighter. It not only has infrared rays, but also contains a lot of visible light components.

2. Penetration

The radiation frequency is high, the permeability is strong, and the infrared wave peak is strictly at 850nm, and the infrared wavelength can just penetrate the human dermis.

3. Size

Infrared physiotherapy bulbs are larger in size than ordinary bulbs, and their power is 100 to 300 watts larger than that of illuminators

4. Shape

The shape of the physiotherapy lamp is mostly conical, and a mirror is covered on the inner cone of the glass shell to reflect the infrared heat forward.

The above content is about the difference between infrared physiotherapy bulbs. The use of treatment lamps actually has a good effect. For example, it has a strong penetrating ability, which can promote metabolism and achieve the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. But before you choose, you must understand the possible problems, and then grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various products, and select according to professional personnel, so as not to buy inferior products.

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